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Peter Lees

Chief Technologist and Director of Sales Engineering 亚太区首席技术专家
Peter Lees is the chief technologist and director of sales engineering for SUSE in Asia-Pacific Japan, with the responsibility for developing awareness of SUSE products, technologies and capabilities throughout the APJ region.

As a technologist with an extensive background in open systems, IT infrastructure, and cloud computing, Lees has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, including senior consultant roles at NetApp and Sun Microsystems that were also focused on customers across Asia Pacific. 

Prior to that, he was involved in early development of the business Internet in Australia, creating some of the country’s first commercial web and e-commerce sites during the mid 1990’s. He first started experimenting with Linux systems administration in 1993 and joined SUSE 20 years later in 2013 as the company’s principal evangelist in APJ.

Throughout his career Lees has been particularly involved in infrastructure systems design and automation, with an emphasis on networked systems and high availability that continues to be highly applicable in a world of cloud computing and agile systems operation.

Lees holds a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science from the University of Technology, Sydney and a MBA in Computing from Charles Sturt University.

Peter Lees是SUSE亚太和日本区域的首席技术专家及技术销售部门总监,负责SUSE产品、技术在整个亚太区域的拓展。
作为在开放系统、IT基础设施和云计算方面具有广泛背景的技术专家,Lees在IT行业拥有超过25年的经验,其中包括NetApp和Sun Microsystems专注于亚太地区的客户高级顾问角色。在此之前,他参与了澳大利亚商业互联网的早期开发,在20世纪90年代中期创建澳大利亚第一批商业网站和电子商务网站。他最早在1993年接触Linux系统,并在20年后的2013年作为公司在亚太区的首席技术传播者加入SUSE。


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